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Decision Support Systems are analytics tools that provides rich insights into data and organizational effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools lets our clients see and analyze data in entirely new ways.

Our algorithms first convert the OHRS / MIS / FSMS Trial Balance files from any Ontario Health Service Provider (HSP) into the MoHLTC's standard cross sector/functional Healthcare Indicators for Performance Management and Benchmarking.

Then ETL Engines combine the calculated indicators with comparator FSMS Benchmarking data from the HIT Tool at the Facility, LHIN and Provincial level into visualizations to allow easy information analysis and reasonability tests of the data

Finally, as an added value all users are provided access to our growing library of Health Indicator data

Some of the key indicators available for FSMS comparison include:


Data & Technology Solutions' Decision Support System is the first Healthcare Performance Measurement, Management and Accountability system designed specifically for Ontario Accountable Care Health Service Providers (HospitalsCCACsCHCs, CMH&AsCSSsFHTs, and Long-Term Care Homes) using the SAAS model to fit within Ontario healthcare budgets without an RFP.

Know & Understand Your Data.


This Decision Support Tool contains demonstration datasets from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Finance and Information Management datasets including:

- the Provincial Health Planning Database
- Ontario's Population Projections by LHIN and Region
- the Hospital Daily Census Summary
- Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards: Financial and Statistical Metrics

Data & Technology Solutions continues to pursue our goal of turning the world's data into actionable information by participating in Open Data contests & events such as the Heritage Health Prize, Random Hacks of Kindness: Hack-a-Thons, OpenGov, Challengepost.com, Kaggle.com and using our resources and knowledge to integrate and publish #OpenData.

OpenData by Data & Technology Solutions: http://dtsDSS.com/?OpenData, a playground for data and a showcase for our custom Decision Support Systems.


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